Thursday, September 24, 2020

DID YOU KNOW - Little Golden Books


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Little Golden Books
Little Golden Books were first available in 1942.  They were the first books published both at an affordable rate and a high-quality, making reading available in households of all economic levels.  It opened the doors to literature for children everywhere - a huge step toward world literacy.

Little Golden Books have been a huge influence on me, personally.  I grew up enjoying the stories published under this brand.  Then, when I had children and grandchildren, I shared the tales with them.  The legacy of these simple joys are not just measured in my memories, but in the collective history of planet.  These publications changed the book industry because, as historian Leonard S. Marcus was quoted to say, "Little Golden Books are a real example of the democratization of publishing."

I love the Smithsonian (in addition to literature, I love history).  One of their branches, the National Museum of American History - Behring Center, has an online exhibit about the Little Golden Books.  For those interested, you can check it out here:

I have, also, begun a blog series on both and here - - using #LittleGoldenBook

Here are some of my favorites from when I was young:

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