Saturday, July 18, 2020

MIRANDA OH's Novel - JUST BREATHE: Chin Up Tits Out


The series finale By Canada’s own, MirandaOH!

Set for release and published by Tuscany Bay Books
Sold through Amazon internationally in eBook and Print Format

Just Breathe: Chin Up, Tits Out Book 3
Continuing the saga of Hadley, recently divorced and wending her way down the path of life in anticipation of her rapidly approaching 30th birthday as a single woman. Testing waters and wantonly accepting new and exhilarating scenarios, Hadley wisely chooses each path carefully before diving into the quagmire which is life. A humorous, oft times sexy, look at life from a young woman's standpoint, readers will laugh out loud at some scenarios, cry at others and knowingly shake their heads at still others.

Miranda OH
Miranda Oh is the author of the successful Chick Lit series, Chin Up Tits Out! Author Miranda Oh, a girl of Metis tradition and descent is your typical girl: She loves the sunset, loves long walks on the beach, world travels, and when not playing the corporate part she can be found sipping wine and spending all her hard-earned money on nice shoes. Among her friends and family, Miranda Oh is known to be the storyteller of the group, always recapping crazy life stories and situations. Her personal experiences, emotions and fantasies are the inspiration for most of her books, so there is a little bit of her in every story.
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