Sunday, May 31, 2020

Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Dave Maxwell


1.   Tell us about your story:
o   What is the name of your book?
·   HIGHWAYMAN and FOUR. Both books encapsulate a single story that starts with the evolution of a serial killer from his first fledgling kill to becoming number one on the FBI’s most-wanted list. It follows the two seasoned FBI investigators, Agent Lewis Ash who is in a race against retirement, and Agent Dave Maxwell, who takes over the hunt.
o   When and where is your tale set?
·   The story spans from 2000 to 2008. These two books take place all over the United States with tentacles that reach into Bucharest, Romania. Much of it centers around Louisville, KY, Lawrenceville, PA, upstate New York.
2.   Who are you?
o   What is your name?
·   Special Agent in Charge (SAC) Dave Maxwell aka Max
o   Are you a fictional or historical character?
·   Fictional
o   Are you a human, animal, alien, robot, or something completely different?
·   Human
o   Are you good, bad, or indifferent?
·   Overall good. I am a loyal friend, but I have no time incompetency or politics. I am friends with the Deputy Director of the FBI and that has insulated me from people whose investigative style clashes with my own.
3.   What do we need to know about you?
o   What is your personal goal?  I mean, what do you ultimately want?
·   I am a hunter. Serial killers are my prey. I want to stay in the field and continue to do what I do best. I have no designs on promotion. I just want to hunt.
o   What is standing in your way?  What conflict(s) do you face?
·   Bureaucracy is one. I am jammed up by a boss whose career agenda is impeding my ability to investigate murders that span the the united states.
·   The second is my prey, Highwayman, he is an intelligent dangerous monster that has taken the life of my predecessor. He leaves few clues and always seems to be one step ahead.
o   What motivates you?
·   Finding my prey and stopping the killing.
·   The Hunt
o   If you would change one thing about yourself, what would it be, and why?
·   I don’t know if there is anything I would change about myself. My career path has been pretty much what I wanted it to be. I guess I need to be more diplomatic with my superiors, not doing that gets me in hot water from time to time, but I suffer fools poorly.
4.   How do I get a copy of your book?
o   Is it available now, or when can we expect to see it released?
·   Yes, it is available now.

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