Thursday, April 30, 2020

Happy Star Wars Day Book Lovers!

May Is Filled With Many Things For Bibliophiles!

I remember the excitement I felt first seeing the original Star Wars trilogy...  Hold on - I am about to age myself - I was in the second grade when I attended a matinee for Return of the Jedi in celebration of a boy's birthday whom I liked.  It was thrilling enough to be at a boy-girl party, but all that faded in comparison to tauntauns, galactic battles, and a beautiful, intelligent ass-kissing princess, named Leia!  And, don't get me started on ewoks...
Star Wars is an amazing universe, which can be enjoyed in a variety of media formats.  However, we all know cinema, though fantastic, pales when compared to a book.  Therefore, I'd like to offer some great ways to enjoy the franchise and May the 4th for book lovers of all ages:

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