Friday, December 20, 2019


Book One in the Snoqualmie Valley Sasquatch series

“Mrs. Cassidy, can you… Ah, I'm sure you can, but would you tell me what you know about – well, what you know about the legends anyway – you know, about, um…” Jenna hesitated, not wanting to say it out loud, but when she did, it was in a whisper, “Bigfoot?”

At first, the older woman appeared surprised to be asked such a question, but then her facial expression changed. Understanding permeated her features, and she asked, “Is this about the new boy, Adam King?”

“Umm…”  The younger girl didn't want to say.

Naturally, the librarian understood why Jenna’s was reluctant to answer.  In an apparent attempt to offer reassurances, Mrs. Cassidy said, “I knew his uncle, Logan King. We were in school together.”
“Oh,” Jenna replied. I didn't know that… I probably should have, but… “Were you good friends?”
Mrs. Cassidy just smiled. “Come with me, dear. I have just the thing for you.”

The librarian placed the stack of books on the counter behind her and then gestured for Jenna to follow. She made her way over to the reference section, where she began to scout for something on the shelves.  Evidently, Mrs. Cassidy had something specific in mind, as she searched purposefully. As she did, she began to divulge some insight into what she was doing.

“I think most of the people in the area know about the native people's legends and lore. There are definitely variations in their stories, and each tribe has a slightly different description of Sasquatch.  However, that's not surprising when you consider how varied all animals are.”

“That's true.” Jenna nodded in agreement. That’s a sensible observation, for sure.

“Of course, here in Washington, Sasquatch is, specifically, believed to be a benign wild man,” the older lady remarked as she fingered through the books in front of her. “They are considered to be relatively shy, living in small peaceful groups, or family villages, which are secluded from the outside world.”

“How do we know this?” Jenna asked.

“Well, I suppose we really don't.  Not for sure, anyway, but the Cowichan myths tell us Sasquatch is extremely powerful, though gentle and kind.”

“Is that what you're looking for, a book about Cowichan beliefs?” Jenna inquired.

“No, no.”  The librarian shook her head. “You can Google all about that, later, in your personal time. I'm looking for something more… dependable.”

“What's that?” the young woman wondered.

“A medical book,” Mrs. Cassidy exclaimed as she held up the one she'd been in search of.

“I-I don't… I don’t understand.  What does a medical book have to do with any of this?” Jenna asked, perplexed.

The older woman made her way over to a nearby table and, thumbing through the textbook, she explained, “Believe it or not, modern science and current research have added credence to the myths about Bigfoot.”

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