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(FEBRUARY 18, 1931 - AUGUST 5, 2019)

This American writer, professor, essayist, and editor made her mark in history as Toni Morrison.  A brilliant woman, she graduated in 1949 with honors from Lorain High School.  In 1953, Toni Morrison graduated from Howard University and then she continued studying at Cornell University, where she graduated with her Master's Degree in 1955.  She went on to teach, and she even wrote a libretto, Margaret Garner, which debuted 2007 in New York!

Toni Morrison was acknowledged for her amazing accomplishments, being recognized as the first African American woman to win the Noble Prize in Literature.  She was received this award in 1993.  She also won the Pulitzer Prize in 1988 and the 2012 Presidential Medal of Freedom for her book Beloved.  In addition to multiple other awards not listed here, this amazing woman was given the National Humanities Award in 2000.

Though Toni Morrison uses black American experience as the central theme in her writing, she writes for us all.  She speaks about inequality and abuse, bringing awareness to dark aspects of life, culture, and the human spirit.  As her characters struggle to find themselves and where they fit in culture, she helps us to identify who we are and who we ought to be.

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