Saturday, June 29, 2019

JANUARY by Jude Ouvrard

JANUARY (Calendar Gal Book 1)

January Parker isn’t like everyone else her age. She prefers to get lost in her books rather than a party and booze. 
Unable to let go of her longtime crush, Evan Keeler, she is surprised when she agrees to go on a date with Luke Weston. 
The moment she lets herself move on with Luke to try something new, Evan reappears out of nowhere with her twin brother, Fynn. 
Both returning from an overseas deployment, January isn’t ready to face what’s coming her way. 
Temptation, flirting and everything that comes with it, January gets lost into Evan’s eyes and falls for him harder even though he made no promises. 
Deployment after deployment, it doesn’t get easier, years have gone by and she is still waiting for Evan to return and be with her. 
How much can she take before giving up on him? If that’s even possible.


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