Monday, February 25, 2019


Book 2 in A Broken Girl Collection
by Marnie Cate

The Perfect Sequel to CHASING CAITLYN

We met the jaded wife in book one.  Now, we are meeting the mistress.

FORGIVING GINGER is as intense as its predecessor and just as provoking.  Just as Caitlyn was searching for herself, Ginger is trying to forgive herself for missteps she has made.

Something I love about Marnie Cate is that she writes in a way that help you see the core of a character.  She wants us to understand how a person would accept being in the positions Ginger finds herself.  In doing so, you gain a deeper understanding and connection to the story, as well as the protagonist.

This is a work in WOMENS FICTION, but it's definitely an enjoyable read for any gender.  Though it can be considered a Contemporary Romance, this book is not romantic.  It is powerful, emotional, and honest.  Despite the darkness and intensity in the tale, this is an entertaining read that will captivate you from the beginning to the end!


What makes a mistress?
Add the following ingredients:
Destroyed Home
Monstrous Foster Mom
Tainted First Love
California Strip Club
Conniving Dream Man
Simmer over hot flames and watch the pot boil over!
I never planned to be the other woman.  The lies trapped me before I recognized them and, by then, it was too late.  My heart was already his.

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