Tuesday, September 18, 2018

New Release from Konn Lavery - PURITY

Book 3 in the Mental Damnation Series
written by Konn Lavery

Purity: Part III of Mental Damnation
Author Konn Lavery has released his new novel, part III of his dark fantasy series, Mental Damnation. The book series continues the protagonist Krista’s journey through Dreadweave Pass, where the Weaver sends a fallen angel to capture her. Will her allegiance with a corrupt paladin be enough to triumph?
Like the previous novels, Purity is also filled with a range of illustrations, fantasy glyphs, and an encyclopedia that expands on the Mental Damnation world.
Learn more about the series at: https://konnlavery.com/mental-damnation/
Right to Left:
YEGman, Seed Me, and the Mental Damnation series.

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