Sunday, March 4, 2018

DEVILFIRE - Book Review

My Book Review of DEVILFIRE

Simone Beaudelaire's New Romance

This is my favorite Simone Beaudelaire book yet!

This story is a unique paranormal western romance.
Yes, it is historical fiction, and true to her commitment to detail, Simone recreated the small frontier settlements and cattle towns of Northern Texas in 1885 with precision.
The setting of the story makes it a western romance, but it isn't about gunslinging outlaws or train robberies.  Now, this is a paranormal tale that delved into ghosts, demons, psychics, and faith.  
Also true to her style, Simone doesn't just turn up the heat on the hot Texas prairies.  This bestselling author entices the reader with a steamy romance that fans embers into flames!

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