Wednesday, January 24, 2018

TALLY Book Review

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TALLY by J.M. Northup

's review
Jan 24, 2018

it was amazing
I have read and reviewed a number of books by J.M. Northup. Having read her stories before did not prepare me for this wonderful book. The story involves a number of characters, but the main three are Tally, Lex and Ishkode, or Kode. These three characters are fleshed out in the sense of you, the reader, knowing their emotions, their feelings, their desires, their fears, their ability to resolve difficulties in a non-judgmental way, and their involvement with each other in a romantic threesome. I will not tell you more of the story because to do so would spoil your read. Suffice it to say this is fast paced reading at the best. The story is modern, it is set in a locale which enhances its modernity, it is developed in a way which speaks of much research into its topic. You will have to read it to get more. But what you should do is get this book and read it as fast as you can, then go back and read it again. It is well worth the time and the effort, as well as very well worth the money

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