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5-Star Review of TALLY

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TALLY: A Polyamorous Romance

TALLY: A Polyamorous Romance

's review
Jan 01, 2018

it was amazing

A short and sweet story showing the changing culture that is happening in America the LBGT community is gaining acceptance. The changing dynamics of the law throughout the land is affecting our interpretation of the legal ramifications of polyamorous relationships. It is the reliance on the law keeps people from accepting these changes. This book shows not only the legal changes that will accept polyamorous relationships but allow a realignment of our perception of family.
Tally is a strong female character that finds that her attempts to have a family has been prohibited by her inability to accept the love that is already in her life. Her best friend is the closest human to her in the world. Yet she has found endless problems in finding true love and creating the family she has always wanted. It is accepting reality that changes her life for the better.
This book in one of those first steps in understanding the change in america and how looking at love with an open mind may change your acceptance of life. 

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I was honored to have read this book review from
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