Monday, November 6, 2017

B. Roman's Character, Alicia


1.     Who are you?
o   What is your name?
§  Alicia
o   Are you a fictional or historical character?
§  Fictional
o   What should we know about you?
§  I’m almost 10, very curious and love to shop!
2.     Tell us about your story:
o   When and where is your tale set?
§  In the Star Factory on the 13th Floor of Walker’s Department Store
o   What is your personal goal?  I mean, what do you ultimately want?
§  I’m trying to find the perfect lamp with the perfect personality for my bedroom.
o   What is standing in your way?  What conflict(s) do you face?
§  Well, you see, I wandered away from Mother, pressed a button on a Golden Elevator door, rode to the 13th floor and found myself surrounded by some sad and silly light bulbs waiting to become stars in the sky.  And, now, I’m supposed to help them. 
§  What to do?  All I want is to go home, but there is a riddle I’m supposed to figure out.  Sigh.  This will take some time and effort, to be sure.
3.     How do I get a copy of your book?
o   What is the title or working title for this piece?
o   Is it available now or when can we expect to see it released?
§  The book, illustrated by Vladimir Cebu, is now available in Kindle format on Amazon:


  1. Sounds like a fun read for a child. Good luck!

    1. Thank you, Mari. It was a story that came from the heart.

  2. My thanks to J.M. Northup for this fun character profile and for your full on interview with me. I truly appreciate your generous support of fellow authors.
    Barbara Roman