Sunday, July 16, 2017

Kerry Watt's Current WIP!

WIPs and New Releases

1)      Tell us about your work-in-progress, or WIP, as it’s known as in the industry…
Ø  What is the story about?
·   That’s a complex question. Different readers might have opposing opinions, which is my intention. Essentially, the two main characters can be seen as good and bad. Both DI Grant Noble and Ross Blake have redeeming and uncomfortable aspects to their personalities. I’m hoping that the reader will root for the brutal serial killer as much as they do the man who is tasked with stopping him.
·   The story is DI Noble’s bid to stop Ross from carrying out a variety of brutal murders of men he deems to be deserving of his punishment.
·   Both characters are complex and the reader will have to decide which side to cheer on during the course of the roller coaster ride. ( I hope )
Ø  Who is the main character?
·   There are two main characters that battle it out for the reader’s affections. Recently bereaved, DI Grant Noble throws himself into the job of stopping Ross Blake, who feels his idea of justice is essential.
2)     What inspired this tale?
Ø  How did the story come to you?
·   To me, it’s the age old ‘good vs evil’ with an invitation for the reader to search their own heart for what’s right.
Ø  Did you have to research for this novel and if so, why?
·   In my writing I do tend to rely heavily on mental health issues, which is my professional background, but police procedural and legal bit – I’m ashamed to admit – come from good old Google.
Ø  If you did research, what do you think surprised you most to learn and why?
·   Searching Google taught me just how much I don’t actually know!
3)     Do you relate to your character?
Ø  Is your protagonist anything like you personally?
·   I think we can all relate to a character that has more layers to their personality than they are happy to show the world.
Ø  If yes, then how?
·   There are aspects to me that would surprise those that think they know me, much like DI Noble.
Ø  What made you write this character; what made them important to you or made you want to tell their story?
·   I wanted to share a character that is not perfect, but tries to do his best.
4)    Is there anything you specific want readers to know about this piece of work?
 I’d like the reader to know that it’s ok to root for the bad guy.
5)     When will the novel be available for purchase?
The book is called, The Boy Who Heard Their Cries, and is currently unpublished – and I don’t have any more details than that at the moment.

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