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's review
Jul 15, 2015

it was amazing

This is the first book in the series, but wasn’t actually written until after the second book Fears of Darkness was published. My biggest complaint about Fears of Darkness was how did the US fall apart so fast? I just couldn’t see it happening the way Northup implied. Other readers must’ve felt the same way, so she went back and added more background leading up to the second book. Now, it all makes sense.

In A Ripple of Fear, we get to meet Dakota’s mother and father and Rae’s family as well. We also get to see how Dakota and Chris’ relationship evolved to where they were the couple in book two. I feel such more connected with her and her family & friends, and now I know what anguish they were suffering at the start of book two. They had just literally seen their worlds fall apart.

Because of the more detailed background, this story starts slow, but believe me, it ends with a bang. About halfway through, the tension starts mounting and keeps on going. If I hadn’t already read the second book, I would’ve bought and read it right away.

The characters are just as developed and multidimensional , and the story is well-written. There are a lot of moral issues as well. Those neighbors that you talk to everyday, who you think are you friends. What will they really do in a national crisis? Will they turn against each other? I think Northup hit the nail on the head with her portrayal of the human psyche. All it takes is one or two loud-mouths to turn a crowd into a deadly mob.

If you enjoy YA and end-of-the-world tales, you’ll love this series, and I highly recommend it. I give it 5 feathers. Well done.


's review
Dec 09, 2014

it was amazing

I received this book a chapter at a time and my two daughters got right into it so much that they were constantly dying to find out what happened next and they stayed amazed at the life and story of their furry little friends so much so that we've now read it three times. I was just as sucked in as they were even though I'm an adult so I think it's a fun and great read for all ages. It didn't seem like a childish story and it wasn't all energetic like children's books usually are. Instead it was fun yes, but it was also sad and moving and even though they were indeed animals I could feel how they felt like I was there with them at times. Julie is an amazing author and I can't wait to see and read what she comes up with next :-)

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