Monday, January 16, 2017

SAVANNAH MORGAN's Dominick Blackthorn


1.      Who are you?
o   What is your name?
·   Dominick Blackthorn
o   Are you a fictional or historical character?
·   Fictional
o   What should we know about you?
·   I live by my own moral code. Some say I’m ruthless, and to a point, I suppose I can be. My family is the most important thing in the world to me, and I have no issue protecting them, even if it is from their own follies.
2.      Tell us about your story:
o   When and where is your tale set?
·   Sapphire Springs, Montana, mostly, but I met my beautiful wife, Kathleen Devereaux, Katy-girl, on her father’s Colorado Ranch, which is located several miles south of the Wyoming State line. It’s important to know that, as this is where my reputation for being ruthless began.
o   What is your personal goal?  I mean, what do you ultimately want?
·   My family to be happy and secure.
o   What is standing in your way?  What conflict(s) do you face?
·   Old and new enemies. As I’ve stated, I have a reputation for being ruthless, enemies are easily made when a person is focused and cut throat enough to be called this.
3.      How do I get a copy of your book?
o   What is the title or working title for this piece?
o   Is it available now or when can we except to see it released?
·   Late January, early February 2017

The short story
Betrayed Again: A Sapphire Springs Christmas Story
can be found in the anthology
Nicoleta Davis is starting a new life in Sapphire Springs. Will a chance meeting with someone connected to her past bring the happiness she seeks, or will she be Betrayed Again?


  1. Yayayayay! I love it. Thank you so much. And thank you for mentioning Betrayed Again in the Flawed Perfection anthology. That little book of fresh beginnings, love, and winter wishes is in need of spotlight. There are some terrific stories in there.

    1. Thank you! I appreciate you taking the time to allow me to spotlight you.