Tuesday, November 22, 2016

ONLY 99 CENTS - FLAWED PERFECTION: A Collection of Winter Wishes


4.0 out of 5 starsA vindication of hope in the form of romantic love
ByKenna McKinnonon November 20, 2016
An interesting anthology of romance novellas just perfect for curling up with a cup of hot chocolate in
front of a fireplace, and losing oneself in a universe where good things happen at the end to flawed women.
There are six stories, and my favorite was saved till the last,
"The Chase" by Marnie Cate, which ends with a romantic winter evening and snow falling on a bench,
my favorite quote from Shakespeare, and emotional healing with love.

As someone who was brought up with innuendos in romance rather than graphic detail, some of the
descriptions of sex seemed superfluous to me in a couple of the stories, which detracted rather than added
to romance for this reader. This could be a selling feature for some readers, though,
and I understand that romance novels are a distraction from the mundane, a "feel good" experience
for those seeking escapism, and in this case, a vindication of hope in the form of romantic love.
These tales sprang from a desire on the part of the authors to celebrate a woman's strength
in the face of adversity or error, and the healing properties of love.
I think the placement of the stories in "Flawed Perfection" was well thought out.

5.0 out of 5 starsJust in time for the holidays
ByHaley's Commentson November 22, 2016
I like novellas - good stories that don't take too much time to get through. I liked the assortment and topics. 
This makes a fantastic holiday gift.

When falling in love means exposing flaws and secrets, everything gets more complicated... unless you are a strong, confident woman. 
Six authors come together to share heartwarming novellas about how, when you fall in love, this crazy, mixed-up, imperfect life might just be perfect after all.

Jude Ouvrard - Keep me warm
A life isn’t a life anymore when everyone you loved is gone. Adele’s strength is keeping her away from hell... But what happens when she starts feeling again?
Simone Beaudelaire - Mr. Wrong
At 39 years old, Aubree is far less desperate to find ‘the one’ than her family would like. When they try to set her up with the town’s new tow truck driver, will she stick to her independence? Or will this tattooed Mr. Wrong turn out to be more right than she would have guessed?
J.M. Northup - Unwrapped gifts
Fearing time is running out, Attorney Tally Abram seeks the aid of her gay best friends in fathering her child, but ends up with so much more! Sometimes the most treasured gifts are the ones that cannot be wrapped.
Savannah Morgan – Betrayed Again:
A Sapphire Springs Christmas Story

Nicoleta Davis is starting a new life in Sapphire Springs. Will a chance meeting with someone connected to her past bring the happiness she seeks, or will she be Betrayed Again?
Taylor Dawn – Ticket to Paradise
Can two jilted hearts find happiness in the tropics? Charlotte decided to go on her honeymoon alone, even though her fiancé left her at the altar. A chance meeting with a sexy stranger may be just what she needs to find her ticket to paradise.
Marnie Cate - The Chase
They say revenge is a dish best served cold, and Caitlyn’s cheating husband deserves the coldest revenge imaginable. Suddenly Caitlyn must choose. Which is more important: the vengeance she deserves or the chance to heal her heart?

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