Monday, February 1, 2016

Author Saleh M. Radaideh's current WIP

Author WIPs and New Releases

1)      Please tell us about your work-in-progress, or WIP, as it’s known as in the industry.
Ø  What is the story about?
The story I’m working on is about the fall of civilization caused by four friends. These four friends did whatever it took to get that feeling of being ‘alive’ and ‘free’, but since civilization inhibited those deep desires, they decided to raid against it. These characters, like a lot of characters I create, are disillusioned with the fabric of their way of life, and seek to change the region they’re in to alter the fate of their people.
Ø  Who is the main character?
The narrator is named Youssef, but the character who gets the spotlight the most is Haitham, who is a seer. He continuously speaks to God atop high buildings, asking him the fundamental questions that philosophers ask.
2)     What inspired this tale?
Ø  How did the story come to you?
The story came to me when I thought of the world’s possible end. When that thought came in, I wondered, how would it happen and how can it be described in words?
Ø  Did you have to research for this novel and if so, why?
I haven’t done much research for it, no. Mainly, a poetry story speaks about the inner realm of human experience and emotions. My research for this book is mainly out of my observation of the world.
Ø  If you did research, what do you think surprised you most to learn and why?
Based on my observational experience, the thing I am surprised by the most is how we tend to choose evil over good, and how learning from our own mistakes is something we sometimes never do. These are the types of things I write about.
3)     Do you relate to your character(s)?
Ø  Is your protagonist anything like you personally?
Haitham is somewhat like me, yes.
Ø  If yes, then how?
The way he calls unto God with questions, wonders about how everything came together, and how things can be altered for the better relates to my perspective of the world.
Ø  What made you write this character; what made them important to you or made you want to tell their story?
What made me write this character was the question, “If a seer was to come upon humanity, how would he act and think?” This character is important to me because he attempts to reform the region he’s in using the inquisitive mind he has. I wanted to write his story so that all those who view life in the same lenses of him can relate and want to act upon their wishes rather than suppress them.
4)    Is there anything you specific want readers to know about this piece of work?
It’s going to be a story about characters who are so wild, that their own bodies can’t contain their spirits. It seeks to transcend the form of the human body.
5)    When will the novel be available for purchase?
In approximately 3 months from now.
Ø  Has the book already been published?
No, it hasn’t.
Ø  If not, when is the approximate release date?
It will be released within the April of 2016. Either a bit earlier or a bit later.

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