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Various Reviews for Books I Have Read


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Here are some of the books I have read and review, to give you some ideas:

PestilencePestilence by Brian L. Porter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

PESTILENCE is a smart and entertaining thriller written by the award-winning author, BRIAN L. PORTER.

It is well researched and completely believable! The author's knowledge of history and medicine are exceptional. Though this isn't really "historical fiction," it certainly has it's roots well founded in reality!
The story is subtle in it's approach, so much so that you don't notice yourself getting lost in the pages, but you do! This story will consume you, drawing you into the 1958 post WWII world of the little town of Olney St. Mary, located in the English countryside. Before you know it, you'll be captivated by the town; worried for the lovely towns people who are infected with a horrible pestilence and the medical staff struggling to save their lives!
I definitely recommend this book. Brian L. Porter has a poetic style to his writing that illustrates the world in which you are transformed to in vivid detail. His characters are real with their flaws and endearing with their aspirations! Well done!

Timeless (The Cartographer Book 3)Timeless by Craig Gaydas
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Unpredictable and Entertaining!

I had the privilege to beta read this novel. In doing so, I became an instant fan of Craig Gaydas and I definitely recommend the series to all readers!
I loved the adventure of the tale. It was interesting and kept me reading. I wanted to know what the fate of all the different characters were and often, I found myself surprised by what ultimately transpired. There are so many interesting twists and turns that the author takes and I am excited to see where he will take the series next!
This is a thought-provoking story that teases the scientific mind with fantasy while offering a splash of romance. There really is "something for everyone" in this great book series!

Saving LondonSaving London by Taylor Dawn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an inspirational book suitable for teens and adults!

This is a really sweet tale! I wasn't sure what to expect from it, but I ended up loving the story.
I loved the humanity of the protagonist, London, and the exploration and growth of her character. I loved how sassy she was and I loved how she decided to take the news of her terminal illness and turn it into something that empowered her instead of defeated her.
I loved how the doubt and worry was overcome by hope and compassion. The author never removed the fears or strain London was dealing with, but she showed how London chose to embrace life instead of giving up. I loved how the author moved the reader to try to appreciate the blessings and not focus on the negatives in the world.
The plot was interesting and fun to read. I enjoyed the different locations in which the story took place and I thought the way Adam helped to fulfill London's "bucket list" was interesting, clever, and enjoyable. I like the questions asked, the wonders proposed, the interplay of Adam and Caine, and the information given to help guide London on her journey to being "saved!"
I received this as an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

The Final CurtainThe Final Curtain by David S. Fisher
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Interesting and Refreshing!

This was an interesting book to read. It was a refreshing story line with realism, romance, and a glimpse into the human psyche of the melancholy of aging. I look forward to more of David Fisher's work!

Justine: Into The Blood (Blood and Passion Book 1)Justine: Into The Blood by Carole Gill
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Entertaining and Terrifying - just what a vampire story should be!

This book is well written and it captures you from the very start! It is an interesting spin on the life of a vampire and the journey she makes to find herself. It is a fascinating journey the author takes Justine through as she is torn from a life of innocence to the seedy dark world of debauchery known only to the corrupt elites and the vampire communities.
I love historical fiction and the details given about life in France and England during the French Revolution are exquisite! You can taste, smell, and feel the world as though you are there and at times, the darkness can seem like it's closing in on you, just as Justine felt it was swallowing her up too!
The questions raised about what evil really might be are subtle, but they definitely get you thinking. You get to see another side of horror in this dark thriller; the side where the sinister nature of humans without limits, used to excess and instant gratification, rival even the most terrific of vampires! In some cases, the humans valued the life of others even less than the creatures of the night!
I loved this story! It had some graphic scenes, but hey, it's a vampire story! If you can't handle having someone sink their teeth into someone's flesh and suck the blood to the very last drop then you won't like this, but if you do... and if you don't mind some explicit sexual interactions, this novel will be a must read! I definitely recommend it and I'd have to say that Carole Gill is a master in the telling of horror tales!

Smelly DragonSmelly Dragon by Scout Walker
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The art definitely made this one of my all-time favorite kids books!

This is an adorable and fun read! The story is cute and will appeal to children, teaching them a valuable lesson about cleanliness! The artwork is enchanting and will please readers of all ages! I was enthralled by the amazing art! I enjoyed the story and the author's word use, but the pictures captured me. They drew in me and I refused to go to the next page until I felt certain I had absorbed every detail. THEY ARE SO PRECIOUS! I especially loved the grandma knitting next to the mom dragon with curlers in her hair and the cute way Fizzle colored his invitations - his tongue hanging out was perfect!

The Clayton Chronicles: Horror Tales of the UndeadThe Clayton Chronicles: Horror Tales of the Undead by Edwin Stark
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deeper Story Than Just vampires!

My best friend gifted me this book and I wasn't sure what to expect when I started to read it. Right off the bat, I can say I loved the use of language. I felt the author used insightful words that helped to bring his tale to life for me in a deeper fashion. His choice of verbiage was in and of itself quite descriptive, adding to the overall feel and quality of the story for me. This was beautifully written and I liked the pace and style in which the author unfolded the narrative. I was floored learning that the author is not a native English speaker!
The characters were fascinating. I really enjoyed Sherwin and I loved the friendship between Sherwin & Clayton. The depiction of the anal retentive coroner made me giggle and added to the chemistry of the protagonists. Some of the characters were dark and devious, but it fit the plot perfectly, making an accurate portrayal of evil and horror.
I found I was fascinated by the authors version of vampires, but more so, of his descriptions of believers. His was a new take on things for me and one that added to the overall story. It made the characters more real and the added a new layer to the throng of vampire lore out there - faith! The introduction of the priest lent more intrigue and complexity. Very well done!
I definitely recommend this book. If you are into vampires, the battles between good & bad, horror, crime, or just good drama then this is a book you must read!

The Secret of ExcaliburThe Secret of Excalibur by Sahara Foley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An Exciting and Adventurous Read!

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but it definitely exceeded my hopes! The story was interesting and kept driving forward. The tale was intelligent and fascinating, putting a new spin on an old legend. I applaud the author - well done!
I was constantly surprised by the intriguing storyline. At first, I didn't much care for the arrogant Arthur Merlin, but by the end, I adored him. I thought Ruth and Daisy were admirable equals to Arthur and I liked the characters very much. I found I wanted to know more about them and I hope there's a sequel in the works!
I definitely recommend this novel to all readers. There are moments of steamy romance and hilarious banter mixed with a spectrum of emotions, action, mystery, and suspense. The author did a beautiful job of blending old lore with modern concepts that opened a universe of possibilities! I loved it!

Diary of a Crafty Zombie (Book 1): Out of My Territory (An Unofficial Minecraft Book for Kids Age 9-12)Diary of a Crafty Zombie (Book 1): Out of My Territory by Mark Mulle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not a gamer and I know nothing about The World of Minecraft, but I got a copy in order to provide an honest review.

This is such a cute and fun book! It is written perfectly for the middle grade reader. It is funny and silly while still maintaining a story line that kids interested in the world of Minecraft can totally relate to! I think it was well done and I like the way the author structured the story as a diary.

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