Thursday, March 5, 2015

Writer's Kaboodle Interviews Andrea N. Carr

Andrea N. Carr is the author of

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She went to jail and found freedom. 

Arrested for driving on a suspended license, Angel Harper was less than prepared to deal with what happened next. Being stuck in jail is the least of her worries when she learns of the emergency her family faces outside, beyond the walls of her jail. Her sister Lady, after struggling with a long history of drug and alcohol abuse, committed suicide. When Angel finds out her young son found his aunt, her mothering instincts kick into high gear – she needs to get out. Miraculously she’s granted a stay of sentencing. In the course of just four days Angel must find a way to grieve and make sense of the mess her sister has left behind, setting the stage for a dramatic snowball of events. From page one Family Tree drops the reader into Angel’s emotional roller coaster of liberation. Not only is she dealing with the death of her sister but faces a lifetime of trials that lead to that very tragedy. 
“Miss Carr’s ability to capture how the mind truly works and divines connections is more than a little startling. Family Tree The Novel is a must read for anyone.” – M.J. Moores, OCT. Infinite Pathways Press 

“I haven’t read an opening scene of a novel this potent since anything James M. Cain ever wrote. Slowly, through the steady hand of a literary surgeon, Andrea Carr reveals the sordid secrets of Angel’s family, and the devastating effect it’s had on her siblings." – Anthony Ewart, Associate Editor HOLLYWOOD WEEKLY MAGAZINE

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