Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Robin Murphy - Meet Marie Bartek


1.       Who are you?
o   What is your name?
·   Marie Bartek
o   Are you a fictional or historical character?
·   fictional
o   What should we know about you?
·   I live and work on Sullivan’s Island, SC as the veterinarian. I also rediscovered my psychic abilities after squelching them since I was a young girl. With the help of my best friend, Gale Winters, we co-founded the Sullivan’s Island Paranormal Society, SIPS. We’ve done quite a few ghost investigations, but one of the most amazing things we’ve accomplished is helping solve a few crimes here on the island.
2.       Tell us about your story:
o   When and where is your tale set?
·   Basically, here on Sullivan’s Island and the surrounding islands. We’ve also traveled to New Orleans and Washington, DC.
o   What is your personal goal?  I mean, what do you ultimately want?
·   I want to better understand my psychic abilities and help others who have these abilities who aren’t quite sure how to handle them. I want to continue to help people who have paranormal activity taking place either in their homes or businesses, to understand that it’s not necessarily a bad thing, or to even debunk something supernatural. Sometimes it really is a pipe rattling.
o   What is standing in your way?  What conflict(s) do you face?
·   At times myself and my confidence in my abilities. Other times I have to deal with a demon trying to take me over, or worse yet, someone close to me.
3.       How do I get a copy of your book?
o   What is the title or working title for this piece?
·   Federal City’s Secret
o   Is it available now or when can we expect to see it released?
·   The cover has just been redesigned, so it should be released very soon.

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