Friday, November 28, 2014

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A Book For Today's Young Readers

My new book is a collection of adventures told through the eyes of a cat, Boris and his sassy older sister, Olga.
Though it is entertaining, humorous, and enjoyable, it is also educational.

I wanted this book to challenge independent readers, encouraging them to look up words or additional information about various topics discussed in the book.  I also wanted it to create conversations between new readers and their parents.  Therefore, I didn't "dumb it down" in any fashion.  I wanted to keep it realistic despite its animal cast, honestly depicting life and trying to instill empathy into our youth.

I remember when my kids were little and how they'd obsess over books.  I wanted to have a book that would take children and teens on a journey, each chapter meant to be read one per night, while keeping in mind that many parents will be reading along with them.  I decided to write a book that would be appropriate for all ages.

The story explains how an orphaned kitten finds his way from the streets to the farm of his dreams.  It teaches about life on a dairy farm, explaining the process of milking cows, making hay, and about the animals you'd encounter in a farming community.
The tales explain about different relationships and personalities, teaching children to look at life from a new perspective; instilling empathy and understanding.

I had a large group of beta readers that included children between the ages of 5 through 15, as well as their parents (one being a teacher).  They were also located in various locations of the United States and Britain.  I wanted to have as diverse a group as possible to ensure I produced a quality piece of work for all my readers.  Thankfully, all of my beta readers - children and adults alike - gave me great feed back through out the writing process and they all reported to enjoy the stories.  The different children related to various stories, enjoying adventures that reflected aspects of their lives.

I hope  you will check out my new book
and share it with the readers in your life!

The real BORIS and OLGA

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