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Meet Dakota from The Fears of Dakota Series

This is an interview with the fictional protagonist from my
YA / New Adult series.
This is an entertaining way to introduce you to the main character while telling you more information about the books,

1) What is your name? Where are you from?
My name is Dakota and though I was born on a military base in Spokane, Washington, I was raised in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
2) When and where is the story set, Dakota? 
Our story begins in Minnesota and that is where the book A RIPPLE OF FEAR takes place.  However, we are forced to find a new home in the mountains in FEARS OF DARKNESS.  Eventually, we end up in the Wasatch-Uinta Mountains in Utah.
3) What should we know about you?  
My parents are a little different than most.  My dad is a S.E.R.E. instructor for the US Air Force and my mom works for the Veterans Affairs.  I guess some might consider them to be “doomsday preppers” of one kind or another, but in truth, they’re just survivalist.  They enjoy living off the land and have taught their naturalistic views to my older sisters, Georgia and Carolina and me.
 I two wonderful best friends, Chris and Rae and we are very close.  Though Rae is more like a sister to me, Chris is the love of my life!  In A RIPPLE OF FEAR I struggle with trying to transition from friend to lover and in FEARS OF DARKNESS, I cannot imagine living without him!
4) What is your personal goal?  
I just want to go to college, marry Chris, start a family, and enjoy life.  I just want to live in peace and be happy.  Isn’t that what everyone really wants?
5) What is the main conflict? What messes up your life?  
People are so afraid of the unknown and they think they see signs of the end of the world or society everywhere they look.  They become frightened by interpretations of doomsday prophecies and terrorist activities.  The advent of the “doomsday preppers” doesn’t help and when a solar flare knocks out sections of the global power grid, making it impossible for people to access banking or purchase goods, some people jump into action, implementing their doomsday plans as though it really is the end of the world!  It throws America into chaos and war ensues, changing everything about my life.
6) Is there a working title for your story, and can we read more about it? 
Yes.  A RIPPLE OF FEAR is Book One and FEARS OF DARKNESS is Book Two in this young adult/new adult suspense thriller and romance series.  Both of the novels in The Fears of Dakota series by Creativia author, J.M. Northup are currently available in both ebook and paperback editions!

Thank you, Dakota.  I appreciate you sharing with us!

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