Monday, August 11, 2014

R.I.P. Robin Williams

Remembering A Man of Many Faces

Robin Williams is a diverse and talented actor.
He touched the lives of many people through his comedy
and his dramatic portrayals alike.
He has been a staple in the homes of any who watch movies.
Not only did I grow up with Robin Williams, but my children did.
He leaves behind and incredible body of work and memories that help to shape generations!

My Top 10 Favorites Movies by Robin Williams
(which just about kills me to pick so few)
              1. Jumanji
              2. The Birdcage
              3. Mrs. Doubtfire
              4. Jack
              5. Dead Poet's Society
              6. Good Morning Vietnam
              7. Jacob The Liar
              8. Bicentennial Man
              9. A.I.
              10. What Dreams May Come
These are by no means my ONLY favorites.
They are just the ones that I know have made the most impact me me personally.
Of course, EVERYBODY loves The Aladdin Movies, Ferngully, and Night At The Museum!
And many, many more!

Here's a pretty comprehensive list, but certainly not complete!
Robin Williams will be truly missed, but never forgotten!

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