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Authors Simone Beaudelaire & Edwin Stark - MEET MY CHARACTER


We are highlighting one of the main character from our new release!

1) What is your name? Where are you from?
 Hello, there. I’m Rachael Munro and I’m from Omaha, Nebraska. Are you familiar with Omaha? If so, you probably have heard of my parents. We’re those  Monroes. You know, the ones who know everyone worth knowing?
I notice that this statement, which might have sounded boastful and snobby is delivered with a wry and sour-looking twist of the lips.
I’m not familiar with Omaha, actually. What do you do there?
I’m a graduate student. Biology. I’m steering a course away from being a political socialite.  That’s what took me to Belize. I love birds, especially hummingbirds, and there are so many in the tropics.

2) When and where is the story set, Rachael? 
 The story is set in San Rosario, a small town lost in the trackless jungles of Modern Day Belize, although some significant portions of the tale happened there nearly 500 years earlier. Is that too much of a spoiler?
She seems so eager now. Clearly this is more to her taste than talking about her silver-spoon upbringing.
It’s not if you say it’s not. Why San Rosario?
I mentioned I Love hummingbirds, right? Well that town is close to a huge, trackless jungle teeming with wildlife. One little area in particular, Devil’s Vale, seemed to draw me like a magnet the first time I saw it.

3) What should we know about you?  
 I’m a free spirit. Wealth doesn’t tempt me. I’m also bone stubborn. No amount of pressure my parents put on me could force me to conform to their will. I am determined to chart my own course.

4) What is your personal goal?  
 I’m going deep into Belize’s rainforest to improve my chances of discovering a new species of hummingbird. With all the bio-diversity present there, I’m bound to find something interesting, aren’t I?

5) What is the main conflict? What messes up your life?  
 Huh! What doesn’t mess up my life? For starters, my family wanted me to forcibly marry  the dweeby son of Senator Nolan. Oh hell no. One of the ways I rebelled against it was to embark in this amazing journey to Central America. And there’s Josh, the man I’ve chosen as a fiancĂ© instead of the Senator’s son; he’s so possessive that he didn’t want me to come to this place alone. He insisted in tagging along and “protect” me.
Of course, things surely got interesting when I met Xaman, a very handsome and mysterious stranger who has found a way into my life all of a sudden.
Rachael looked a bit flushed all of a sudden, not with embarrassment though, and she emits a nervous giggle, biting the corner of her lower lip. Very interesting indeed.
Tell me more. Who is Xaman? What does he do?
You know, I’m not sure what he does. He seems to be everywhere all the time. Everyone in town knows him. Some act terrified when he’s around. Others seem to adore him. And he’s incredibly strong. I’ve personally seen him put down a big, scary trucker with one hand.

6) Is there a working title for your story, and can we read more about it? 
My biographers have called my story Xaman, which is pronounced Shay-man, you know, like a medicine man, and I can understand why they chose that title. For a stranger, he sure takes up a prominent position in my life. For another, I can absolutely feel in my bones that there’s more to him than some sort of local, small-town celebrity. But they’ve asked me to say no more. You’ll have to read the book. It’s available now for pre-order on and, and the official release date is September 6.
Thank you, Rachael, I’ll post those links at the end. I appreciate you stopping by today.
Thank you for having me.

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