Friday, June 27, 2014


Book Two Is On Its Way!

I finished A RIPPLE OF FEAR last night
and sent it over to my publisher, Creativia!
FEARS OF DARKNESS is not only my debut novel,
but it is the first book of The Fears of Dakota series!
I just completed the second book, A RIPPLE OF FEAR and turned it over for editing, formatting, and cover art applications!  I am very excited about it and I hope my readers are too!
I have begun to write the next two installments as well, but they are still in their infancy yet.
In anticipation for the release of the second installment to my series, I hope you will all purchase my novel, FEARS OF DARKNESS!
It's available now in both eBook and paperback formats through Amazon worldwide, as well as, other vendors.
You can also purchase the book directly from my publisher at the following link:

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