Monday, June 2, 2014


The Adventures of Boris and Olga Series

I am proud to announce that I have turned my first book from my new series,
FELINE FASCINATIONS: The Adventures of Boris and Olga
over to my amazing publisher, CREATIVIA!
This is my first book in the "Middle Grade" genre.
My released my debut novel, FEARS OF DARKNESS is in the "New Adult" genre or can also fit into the "Young Adult" classification.  My second novel, A PRISONER WITHIN is definitely in the "New adult" genre as well.  Upon hearing this, my young nephew was upset because that meant he couldn't read them.  He was so excited for me, but he was disappointed that he couldn't enjoy my books.  Therefore, he asked me to write a book specifically for him to read.
This is the birth of my new series!
I'm not sure when it will be available yet; it's still in it's infancy stages really.  As I've said, I just turned it over to my publisher to work their magic on it with editing, formatting, and beautiful cover art.  I'm just very excited and I wanted to share this news with my readers!  I'll keep you posted with updates as I learn more myself.
Peace & Blessings!

Middle Grade Usually these are intended for kids 7 to 12 years of age.
Young adult Usually intend for teens 13+
New Adult Usually meant for readers 18+, but generally has characters between 18 to 25 years old represented in them.

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