Friday, June 13, 2014

Author Brian L. Porter Helps Rescue Animals

Brian L. Porter
Author, Screenwriter, Co-Producer, and Humanitarian

I have the privileged to say that I am friends with Brian L. Porter.
Not only is he an incredibly talented writer, experienced and successful as
a Creativia author and Thunderball Films screenwriter/co-producer,
but he one of the hardest working, kindness people I have ever known!
Brian is an animal-lover and committed to helping rescue dogs!
He and his wife currently have 10 rescue dogs whom they love and cherish with all their hearts!
Let me introduce you to them!
For every paperback copy of BEHIND CLOSED DOORS that is sold
through Amazon, the author will personally donate $1
to The Mayflower Animal Sanctuary, not far from his home. 
A registered charity, the sanctuary works hard to rescue, care for and rehome hundreds of dogs, cats, and small animals every year, and relies on donations to enable them to carry out their fantastic work, and can be found at 
The sanctuary is named after The Pilgrim Fathers' ship, as one of the founding fathers of the USA, William Bradford, was from the small village of Austerfield, close to the sanctuary's location.

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