Monday, June 16, 2014

Are You Afraid?

See What's Lurking In The Darkness

If everything you knew in life was erased in a moment, what would you do?
Could you survive
?  Would you want to?
What if there were no longer fast food restaurants, amply supplied grocery stores, or hospitals?
Could you get what you needed from the land?

Read FEARS OF DARKNESS and see how Dakota faces modern-day American after it's been torn a part!

FEARS OF DARKNESS is the first book in "The Fears of Dakota" series written by author, J.M. Northup and published by Creativia!
Get your copy today! Available NOW in both eBook and paperback!
You can order directly from Creativia
or you can click on the book below to be linked to Amazon UK

Keep watch for the second book in the series,

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