Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Fears of Dakota Series

FEARS OF DARKNESS is a Series!!!

I have been formulating and developing my debut novel, FEARS OF DARKNESS into a series per the request of my loyal readers!  I am currently working on the prequel, A RIPPLE OF FEAR, but I intend to expand the series further.  I'm not only contemplating a sequel, but additional books to highlight elements not really detailed in the original story. 
 *Spolier Alert*
For instance, Christmas in The Grotto or the weeks Rae & Dakota spent in recovery.
I am thinking about elaborating different things that happen in the book to enrich the story for my readers.  Things I purposely left out of the original story in order to keep it manageable, I'm thinking on making into novellas or something.

What Do You Think?
Are there any things in the original story that you'd like me to expand?
Feel free to leave me comments below or contact me with your thoughts via my author Facebook.

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