Thursday, May 1, 2014

Little Things

Blessings Come In All Sizes

People tend to make life about the big events or milestones in life.
The truth is that the big things might be markers, but it is the little things that fill our lives which matter.  The small things - blessings and challenges - make our lives what they are.
When people tell me not to sweat the small things, I struggle with their advice.
Though I get they are trying to say "let things go that don't matter" and "roll with the punches", I still hear my inner voice whispering...
"It's the little things in life that prepare you for the big ones."
You can quote me on that - LOL
I need to be able to handle the small things in order to be ready to deal with big things.  I live by that in so many ways and it's so ingrained in me that I cannot change it easily.
I am the odd one who accepts large obstacles with a positive attitude; knowing they will pass.  Then I stress over all the minor details of normal daily living because that's what I feel really defines who I am.
With this in mind, I calm my fears about living in mediocrity.
Everyone tells you that you have to do great things in life to feel fulfilled.
They say you need to have huge goals in which to drive you.
We teach our kids that you can only be great if you accomplish big things.
I disagree.
Mother Teresa was "great" because she lived simply, helping people with ordinary daily comforts and needs.  She lived day-to-day, serving God, changing the world through her own communities, and by giving of herself.  Her greatness came from the person she was, not from what she had or didn't have.  Her works were small and they amounted to a noble and loving life.
That's what we should do too, I think.
Embrace the small things that are the foundations of us all!
I believe that my personal greatness is in the person I am, the person I aspire to be, and growth that takes me from here to there.
I believe my greatest accomplishments are the beautiful young women I helped to raise.  My children are my finest treasures and my most important impact I'll ever make on this life.
My fingerprints in this world are the ones I leave in the hearts and minds of the people and animals I encounter in my life.  They are what I leave behind me as I walk with nature and connect to all things.
To me, greatness is seeing the small blessings and realizing that they are what converge in order to create the big things.  I don't live in mediocrity because my greatness is in all the things that make me who I am.
Live life the best you can and you will always be rich and successful!

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