Monday, May 26, 2014

4 Kinds of People

I Read An Article That I Thought Was Interesting

Here are my random thoughts about the following article:
I was tinkering on the computer, as I tend to do and I came across this web article by Farrah Gray.  It talked about the different kinds of people you should have in your life.  It listed the following:
A Red Carpet Friend
"Someone who thinks very highly of you and often times see more potential in you than you see in yourself"
This is someone who makes you see how blessed you really are.  They help to build your confidence and self-esteem.  They love you unconditionally.
This is a very important person, so remember to appreciate them as much as they appreciate you!  Friendship goes two ways!
A Blunt Force Trauma Friend
"A blunt force trauma friend has absolutely no problem hitting you over the head with the TRUTH."
This is a person that is very difficult to find.  They are straight shooters, but they are also kind and loving.  You don't want someone who runs you down, but someone who will always be honest - both good and bad.  This is not someone who is rude or crude, but someone who believes that being a real friends means letting you know what they really think and feel.
These friends can make us angry and sad, but they are also some of the most reliable and valuable friends you can have in life!  You never question their sincerity and you never have to guess where you stand with them on things.
The Over Achiever
"Someone whose life mission it is to achieve things that maybe they don’t even need to achieve." 
This is the kind of friend most of us pout about because they make us feel like we aren't doing enough.  Whenever we compare ourselves to them, we always fall short because they seem to have such drive; they seem to have endless energy and impeccable time management skills!
This is another person you should never take for granted.  This is the friend who is most likely the person to inspire you.  They aren't there to make you feel like less, but to show you that there's so much more you are capable of.  Don't forget to appreciate them and to help them to take time to relax, laugh, and slow down now and again!
A Safe Friend
"The safe friend is that person you can tell anything to. They are your ace in the hole A true friend who won’t go running off telling your business. A friend who will laugh with you, cry with you and will always be there for you through thick and thin."
This person is someone who you trust your life with.  You know that you can count on them and that you can trust them with you spouse and children - the most important things in your life!
A safe friend is your rock.  That being said, don't forget that they need a rock too.
Don't forget to show the same love and respect to them that they afford you!

In my opinion, all of these types of friends can even be the same person.  More so, they should be the same person - your spouse!  Your lover should be your best friend and they should embody all of these characteristics.  They should be someone who lifts you up, offers you the most truthful of thoughts, pushes you forward, and protects you!
You should also be this same combination for them!

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