Tuesday, March 4, 2014

What Is Art?

Define Art

Art can be defined in a lot of ways.
Still, it is supposed to be an expression of beauty; a representation of life through visual or performing arts.
Art can be on many kinds of canvas, created by many different tools.
you can find these photos at these links:
Though art can be an expression of all facets of human emotion, including pain, it is NOT a destructive outlet.  Art is not done at the expense of someone.  It's done to move a person, but not destroy them.
Art is meant to make you think and see life in a new way.
Art is a creative outlet and a wonderful way to deal with your emotions.

Though art can be "trendy" it isn't a fad anymore than cutting is.  You don't engage in art to be cool.  The only similarity between art and cutting is that it is an outward expression of one's inner thoughts and feelings.
Kids today seem to think it is about being cool.
The fad of "Emo" actually encourages cutting as a "cool" thing.  It is supposed to be cool to be Emo and in order to be Emo, you need to be a cutter.
That's stupid!
Being "cool" and being an "artist" are about SELF-expression.  It is about being unique, individual, and true to one's self.  The exact opposite of "Emo" and "cutting", in my modest opinion.
Cutting is not an art form.  Cutting is not a cool fad or activity.
Cutting is a dangerous practice that leaves your mind and your body scarred.
If you are having cutting tendencies, seek help!
Perhaps someone can help you find an art form that will allow you to express yourself in a beautiful, healthy way!

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