Monday, March 31, 2014

Sometimes It's Hard

What A Day

Some days I am really happy and excited.  I am content with my life and the person I am.
I don't judge myself harshly and I am pleased with all I have accomplished.
These are the days that I can fully see all my blessings and truly appreciate them!

Other days, are not so good.
They are times when I am grumpy, moody, and pessimistic.
These are the days when I feel the struggles and tribulations of my life; when I can't see the light in the darkness and honestly, I just don't even try to see it.

On my emotional days, I am never good enough or smart enough.
I cannot please myself and therefore, I'm unable to please anyone else.  Every effort requires such motivation and energy that it's easier to just avoid making an effort at all.
These are the days when I feel weak, forgotten, sad, and unwelcome.

It's normal to have these ups and downs.
Everybody has them even when we don't think they do or think that they couldn't possibly have it worse than we have it ourselves.
There are always times when a person feels lost, unaccepted, unappreciated, and just out of sorts.
That's okay!
No matter what kind of day you have, you get to start fresh tomorrow.
You have a chance to try again and to move forward.
The hardships help us to appreciate the joys.
The joys out-weigh the pains.

What a day today has been!  I cannot wait to see tomorrow!

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