Thursday, March 27, 2014

My review of FROZEN

*Spoil Alert*

I just watched Disney's FROZEN and I loved it!
I was so happy to see a story where the girl isn't saved by a prince or knight in shining armor.
It was nice to see her save herself.
It was refreshing to see a movie that supported the amazing bond between sisters and women in general.  There was no jealousy and no bullying among sisters or females.
I loved the care the characters had for one another and their intense desire to protect each other.
Seeing the way they showed the variations of love was fantastic.
I loved that they showed the ideal of Lust with the "love at first sight".
They had examples of love of power and status in a couple different characters - Hans & the Duke.

The power of love in the realm of friendship.
This love was shown between Kristoff and Sven.  They had a lifelong commitment and love for one another.  They had a mutual respect and understanding of one another.
Another great example was evident with Olaf.
Olaf represented a loving time shared between sisters.  He showed a warm acceptance of all things.  He helped Anna to understand love and friendship.  Plus, the relationship between Sven and Olaf was just endearing.  As Sven tried to eat Olaf's nose the whole movie that played into the friendship they found together.  I just adored it!
One of my favorite examples of love was the love shared by sisters.
Elsa and Anna had an amazing bond and I thought it was represented in a sweet and real way.
Furthermore, their sisterly love showed the most blessed element of love; self-sacrifice.  That unconditional and unending love was the love that saved both the sisters!
That love was the magic!
I definitely recommend this movie for everyone.
It is a delightful show that's filled with humor and laughter, but it is also a good lesson to children and adults alike.  It will teach our kids that the choices you make for love can make the world a beautiful place for us all and it reminds adults what's really important!

I hope you rent FROZEN today!

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