Thursday, March 27, 2014

Inner Peace

Facing Your Own Standards

Though we are not supposed to and we may not admit or realize it, we all judge.
We make judgments about people, places, things.  This judgment will help us to determine their value and how there place in our world.  Some judgment is benevolent and others are not.
Some judgments simply tell us that you like vanilla over chocolate or strawberry.
Other judgments dictate how you will treat someone or something.
One's emotional investment will affect one's judgement as much as one's standards.
How much you care for someone or something will determine their value.  Sometimes your initial opinion is altered as you develop an attachment or interest.  Sometimes you grow closer and therefore, you hold a higher regard for that person, place, or thing.  Sometimes, you find you aren't as pleased with them and they lose value.
Our standards are set on our own morals, values, and experiences in life.
That is why we all see things differently and why our feelings sometime change.  We are constantly changing, growing, and learning.  This process of growth can change our standards and therefore, alter our judgments on things.
Often, we have two sets of standards; standards for self and standards for others.
In my experience, we tend to be harder on ourselves than we are of others.  I think this is because we cannot change the other person; we only have control over our own behaviors.
Still, moods and attitudes are contagious, so how we behavior can impact the behavior of things around us.  This makes me think we have more responsibility in what we do and say.
I think this means that we need to be sure to have forgiveness and grace in life.
We need to find balance.
Try not to be quick to judge; yourself or others.
Forgive all things and show grace.  Be kind and loving to all the world.
Treat people the way you want to be treated and teach people to treat you the way you deserve to be treated.  You need to do for others - nature and animals alike - what you expect in return; respect, acceptance, and forgiveness.  You also need to let people know what your boundaries are so you don't develop and harbor resentment or hurt.
This is a good way to find your balance, but remember, you need to reflect these principals in your own life and towards your own self as well.  Inner peace and balance, self-love is how you open yourself to the world around you.  That is how you find your joy, keep it, and project it into our world!


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