Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Each Day Is A New Beginning

The Good And The Bad

Some days are better than other days.
It's just how it is; life is like a roller coaster with ups and downs.
Most days, I easily accept this knowledge, content with my life.
Other days, I resent it because I feel sick or frustrated.

No one likes the trials or tribulations they face in life.  I am no exception to that, I tell you what.  Still, I understand the necessity of our challenges and struggles.  If we don't have these moments to test and teach us then we'll never grow or improve.
More so, we will never truly appreciate the blessings.
We need the darkness to appreciate not only the light, but the stars.
We need rainy days to appreciate the sunshine and to be blessed with fields of food for all inhabitants of our world.
When I feel angry, frustrated, sad, or resentful, I take a moment to remember that the difficult moments in life are not to punish me, but to develop me.

Life is about balance.
IT's about balance between good and bad (by whatever definition you use).
It's about the balance between nature and nurture.
It's a balance between animals (including the human animal) and nature.
It's about finding the balance between self and others, as well as, God and world.
Balance is truly the hardest thing line life to find and maintain.

Walk each day with kindness, showing compassion to all things.
Be forgiving to others and have grace so you can forgive yourself.
No one is perfect and we are all in this together.
Each day is a new beginning!

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