Sunday, March 2, 2014

Crock Pot Gluten-Free Stew

Perfect For A Cold Day!

I am a wicked lazy cook.
I dislike the mess involved with it all.  I don't like the preparations, the actual art of cooking, or the necessary clean-up afterwards.  Furthermore, I have really picky eaters in my house.  We all have our personal likes and most of them don't coincide with everyone else's tastes.  To make matters worse, being that I'm gluten & dairy intolerant, this complicates things even more. 
It isn't uncommon for us to have 2 or more separate dishes prepared for one meal.  We call this "fending for yourself" because each of us ends up cooking our own thing.
I have great family and friends who thankfully enjoy cooking and baking.  They give me advice to try to help me with my cooking issues and the latest has been to embrace my crock pot!  
These amazing people in my life introduced me to "slow cooker liners" for an easy clean-up.  They taught me about meat selections and what to do in order to make the meat more tender.  They educated me on why marinating is good, how you can use wine and olive oil in meals, and how to trust my crock pot to do the job I hate doing.
I can even prepare a meal as I sleep!  
So on this overcast, rainy winter day, I did just that; I cooked a meal overnight.

Here is my suggested Gluten-Free beef stew done overnight in crock pot:
  • I put the liner into my slow cooker.
  • I added a splash of olive oil.
  • I added pepper, onion powder (since not everyone in my house eats onions), and parsley.
  • I added in both the vegetable and beef bouillon 
  • I laid the roast in place and covered it again with some of the spices.
  • I put a fresh bag of petite carrots over the top of the beef.
  • I put in my choice of potatoes.
  • I added a small can of tomato sauce over the top along with some water.
  • I covered the meal and left it to cook on low while I slept.

It was that easy!

Now, I made sure it was all gluten-free.  This is an important step because gluten can be found in so many things - including spices!
The Herb Ox brand bouillon are gluten-free and they are clearly marked as such.
The spices I use are McCormick brand because they are also gluten-free though not marked as such.  Of course, if there is gluten present then that ingredient is listed.
I use Hunt's brand for my tomato sauce.

I hope you enjoy this meal; I did!
It's perfect for a cold winter's day and so easy to toss together.
Another thing good for a cold winter's day is reading.
Perhaps you could enjoy eating your gluten-free stew while you read my book, FEARS OF DARKNESS!

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