Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Common Courtesy

Where Have Our Manners Gone?

Have you every been in this situation?
  • You are walking down a street or in a store.
  • Stranger passes by you.
  • You smile and bid them good-day, salutations, or happy tidings.
  • The strangers either ignores you completely or looks at you like you're disgusting for speaking to them.
  • You feel horrible for showing kindness.
Why do people act like that?
Is it so hard to say "Hi" or just simply smile in response to a friendly gesture or greeting?
As the video below shows, even animals understand common courtesy.
There's no excuse for humans to be rude to one another.
What happened that we forgot simple kindness?
Where did our respect for life go?
It shouldn't matter if that life is human, animal, or nature; life is life.
All life is important and valuable; all life matters!

Do we really need to have a sign to tell us not to be cruel?
How bad do people have to be that even a zoo has to tell you not to bully the animals?
The whole concept disturbs me.
Do you really need a reminder in order to act appropriately?
Parents - you're an example to your children.  Act the way you want them to behave.
Furthermore, if your kids are misbehaving, give them consequences.
It is okay to punish bad behavior.
It's okay to say NO!

This world belongs to us all!
Teach your kids to be kind.
Teach your kids to respect all things accordingly.
Respect elders, be compassionate to the weak and less fortunate, value all life, and take care of our Earth.
We are all in this together so let's appreciate one another!

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