Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Are You Done Yet?

Writing Is Literary Art

I'm doing my final revisions/edits of my current manuscript,
As I am reading through and modifying the current draft, I realized that there is never truly a "finished" copy.  I mean, like all artists, I notice the imperfections or the additional layers I would like to add to each piece.  The problem is that you only have so much canvas to work with, right?

Sometimes I need to step back and take a few days so I can return to my work with fresh eyes.  Sometimes, my view of the story or the characters are changed in writing those very things.  Sometimes, I realize that my story has take a whole new direction simply because the character has gotten more complete and demanded me to alter my own perspective of the tale.  It is a really neat thing when it happens.  Although, sometimes I have been changed and that makes me see the story and character(s) in a new way that compels me to change them instead of them changing me.

Writing is an art and though I will never feel like my pieces are ever truly complete, my goal is to entertain my readers.  With that in mind, I try to give you the best work I can.  It I like a story then I feel satisfied with it and hopeful that my readers will like it too.  Even the darker stories with difficult topics are meant to move the reader, so as long as I find it a good read, I feel good about it.
I love to hear what my readers think and what they are interested in.
I love to hear how my stories or characters have touch you and possibly changed you or how the story and characters are read through your perspective.
No two readers ever read the same story, so it is so cool to hear how my work translates into the various lives of my readers!  That is such a profound and rewarding element to what I do!

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