Monday, February 24, 2014

Warning; May cause Irreversible Changes!


"Knowledge is power!"  Who hasn't heard that before?
Information is where we get knowledge and that is communicated through language.  Books contain the written form of our language; hence, our knowledge.
Have you ever heard of the Library at Alexandria?
Did you know it burnt down?
What if it hadn't burnt down?  What if all those ancient scrolls survived?  What knowledge was lost?  How could that information have changed the world today?  Could things have been better; worse?
In times past, not everyone was allowed an education.  Most people were illiterate and communication was stunted.  Today, we take our education and books for granted.
It's sad to me that people don't value knowledge the way they should.  Whether you get your information from newspapers, computers, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, or paperbacks is irrelevant.  What counts is that you share the knowledge and hence, the power.
Some people feared allowing the masses to have the written word because of the power it holds.  It has the power to plant an idea into not just one person, but all people.  It has the ability to build and destroy; to change societies, people, and individuals.  Once you learn something, you will be irreversibly altered.  You will always be something other than what you were and that is the true power of knowledge!
It allows thoughts to grow and minds to expand.
This is a scary enterprise because you never know what will come from free-thinking people!  The power is in the unlimited possibilities that thoughts, ideas, and communication create!
Don't just encourage reading, enjoy it; experience the written word and bask in the gift of knowledge!  Reading and writing is the foundation of civilization.  It is the power that lifts our people!

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