Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Language of Love

Love Is Expressed In Many Ways

Love transcends all things.
Love is intimate and every person has a different way of showing their love.  Every couple has a different love language.  What may seem like nothing to you might be very important to someone else.
Ways to show love and intimacy:
  • Giving each other space - whether you are showing you trust one another by accepting each others needs for separation or you simply understand that everyone needs time to hang with their friends, giving one another space can help build intimacy.  For some, it is a sign of love because it shows you love their independence, support their interests, encourage them to grow, and that you have faith in them as well as your relationship.
  • Sharing Affection - maybe you show you love through your physical expression.  Perhaps it is a tender look, a small touch, an adoring smile, a loving kiss, a nurturing embrace, or sex.  All of these have important places in relationships.  Some people are not good at saying what they feel or mean; some are better at showing it; which leads me to...
  • Offering gifts to one another - Gifts can mean many things for many people and couples.  What is a really personal and thoughtful gift to one may not have the same level of affection to another.  Furthermore, a gift doesn't have to be something concrete or materialistic.  Gifts can be honesty, friendship, or time just as easily as flowers, a meal out, or going to an event.  It is about the meaning of the gift; the gestures value is in what the gift represents.
Love is the outward expression of one's feelings.
Love is as simple as just being in each other's company or as complicated as intense passion.  It's expression is beyond words and even physical bounds; it is spiritual.
Love is total acceptance of one another, no matter what mood you're in and the safety to allow each other the ability to express all moods.  Love is sharing the simple things as well as the big and standing together whether it is in good or bad times.
You don't have to understand or define love; it just is what it is.

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