Monday, February 3, 2014

Reading for Thought

Reading Changes You and You're World

What you read makes a difference.  It has the power to not only move you emotionally, but to change you irrevocably.  The content of a book can make you see people, places, or things in a whole new way. 
I wanted FEARS OF DARKNESS to be a real experience.  
I wanted to show a new way to look at the world through the eyes of modern young adults.  I drew from pop culture and from nightmares I had as a child.
When I wrote FEARS OF DARKNESS, I wanted the story to be entertaining.  I wanted you to enjoy the adventure the story took you on, but I wanted it to make you see life with new eyes.  I wanted the story to be about the enduring human spirit and about how we personally affect the world we live in.
Did I succeed; did the story speak to you in a profound way?
What are your thoughts about characters, plot, & situations portrayed in the novel?
Did you take anything away from the journey the book takes you on?
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