Friday, February 21, 2014

Protecting Yourself

The Best Protection Against Guns Is Training & Awareness

Weapons can be made out of anything, so I don't understand the "war on guns."
A gun is just a tool and like any tool, it's purpose and use is dependent upon the person wielding the tool.  If you don't have a gun, you will find another means to accomplish your goal.  A weapon is a weapon and not specially any one thing.
Unless you want to consider the person as the real weapon!
Banning guns won't solve the problem.  Like the temporary abolition of alcohol, it will only make things worse.  People will go to the underground to ensure they have guns, so the only people who will lose access to firearms would be the citizens who don't intend to use them for evil.
Good examples: prostitution, crack, heroin, and stealing are all illegal.  Has that prevented people from incorporating them into their lives?  So how do you think banning guns will prevent problems?  It may stop some gun-related crimes, but honestly, it will just make people find a new vice to use instead.
Children only get hurt by guns because they're not taught about them.
Children who have been taught that guns are not toys, shown house to handle the weapons, and what happened when they're fired will respect the tool.
You need to be responsible with the care and storage of your guns, as well as, the education of your family in regards to them.  

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