Monday, February 24, 2014

New Eyes

A Book Is Always Read With New Eyes!

Each reader brings a new perspective to a book.
They see the characters, plot, and events through their own eyes; based on their individual hopes, fears, and understanding.
Every person projects their values into a story.  Each reader lives the adventure based on their own life experiences.  They use their personal feelings to comprehend what they're reading, making it their own.  This is why no two people will ever read the same book!
Furthermore, you yourself will never read the same book twice!  Honestly, you won't!  You'll grow, develop, and mature.  These changes will cause you to interpret everything in a new way.  
You can read something when you're 8 years old, 18 years old, and then again when you're 28 years old only to find that it's not really the same story.  It's different; you as the reader are different.
Though the words aren't changed, you are.
It is a magical experience!  It's why books are so dear and valuable.  It's why we consider the written word so power.
Our ability to read a book with new eyes is exactly why books are able to come alive for us!

What stories have you seen through new eyes?

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