Thursday, February 27, 2014

Fuzzy Babies

My Cats Are My Kids Too

When I adopted my kitties, it was the same as if I had adopted a human child.  I saw no difference in taking responsibility for the care of my cats; their lives are just as valued and my commitment is just as deep.
I vowed to go beyond the necessities of food, water, and medical care; I promised a loving family and protective home.
I welcomed my kitties into my life with the intent that we belonged to one another eternally.  There was no mention of conditions, limitations, or expiration.  Furthermore, my heart was not given out of obligation, so my fuzzy babies were not a burden, but a blessing.

You don't give your loved ones away when they "outgrow their cuteness."
You don't turn your back on your dear ones when they are suffering.
You don't abandon those in your charge when it is inconvenient.

 Family is forever!

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