Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Facebook Pages for Readers

Reading Is An Expression Of Life

I liked the photo and I like the Facebook page, I Love Reading, so I shared this post.
I shared it on my author J.M. Northup Facebook page, but ultimately, I decided to share the post on my blog.  I just felt like it was something that needed more attention.

After that, I started to think about how difficult it is to be a self-published writer.
There are a lot of great tools out there to allow a writer to publish, but not every author is able to pay for advertisement.  Social networking is the way to address a larger audience and to try to get your work known.  Unfortunately, that means there are times that you will share your posts about your work without prior authorization or knowledge from the page owner.
It feels bad to have to solicit your work this way.  I personally prefer to have the "okay" from the page owner, but in most cases, there isn't any way to contact them.  This sucks, but I don't know any way around it.  If you do, I am all ears!
With that being said, there are some great pages that are designed to help writers reach a larger audience and to share their work.  There are amazing sights that encourage the sharing of literature and who's pages are very informational, inspiring, and entertaining.
In appreciation of these pages and Facebook, I decided to do a blog that shared some of these awesome connections with you:

I Love Reading Books We Love Reading, We love Books! Join this page to share our love and passion for readingThis page has been very inspirational to me plus I just enjoy reading the posts!

This is a page that puts out a newsletter about literary topics.  They have been very supportive and kind.

Book Lover Reviews Love promoting books for authors through reviews. Please check out my blog for my review policy! www.booklover2reviews.wordpress.com
The own of this page was very kind and their page offers a lot of support for new and indie writers.

Ebooks GROW on TREES We give you the latest eBook sales! Interested in advertising with us? Check out:http://www.ebooksgrowontrees.com/#!advertise/c16fm
This page is for a service that can offer good solutions for advertising.  They were very encouraging and didn't yell at me for posting on their Facebook.

Reading Books Makes You Better Everyone has something wonderful to share. Our collection of Inspirational stories, Inspirational articles, Motivational articles and poems are about lessons we have learned along the way about ourselves or others.
This page is designed to share ideas and talk about your work.  They are super nice and they have a great page!

A Book Lovers' Review A Book Lovers’ Review promotes, reviews and boasts about books we love! We have lots of fun post like character interviews, challenges, cover reveals, blog tours and mega giveaways. If you are wondering what book to read next come check out our site but, be warned. You may be adding more than just ONE book to your TBR pile. We are also the Founder of The Walking Dead BlogNation and Official Blogger/Promoter for Authors After Dark Convention. Reading is our passion!
I am just starting to explore this page, but definitely recommend it for all adult readers and writers.

Books Rock My World Books Rock My World is a community of people who come together to share their love for literature. Run by admins from all over the world. Join us!
This is a very cool page.  It is full of ideas and is really a good place to discuss your love of literature.

Thank you to all of the page owners who support reading, writing, the distribution of knowledge, and a love for all forms of art!

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