Saturday, February 22, 2014

Define Horror

What Does "HORROR" Mean To You?

How do you define horror?
Does it mean something that chills you to the bone?  Is it something supernatural?
Is it a person or situation that traps you in a terrifying scenario?
Is it gore or ghoul?

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Horror means different things to different people, just as the term "monster" does.
To me, horror and monster can be one in the same.
Often, both are disguised in a package we find appealing.  That's usually how we get drawn in and caught in the trap.  The "devil" is attractive; danger's exciting.

What if its more than you think?  I mean, what if "horror" isn't just defined by a single thing or an particular action, but a behavior; a state of mind?
What if a "monster" isn't a demon, a ghost, or alien?
What if it's something more mundane than a creature from one's imagination?  What if it's someone close to you; a killer, a psycho, or an abuser?

Read FEARS OF DARKNESS to see what kind of monsters hide in the shadows!
Keep watch for A PRISONER WITHIN to see what horror means to me!

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