Monday, February 10, 2014

Are You Waiting For My New Book?

Does my new novel sound interesting to you?


Would you defend yourself if someone attacked you? Would you kill them if you knew they’d stop at nothing to kill you? What if that someone was your own mother? Would that make a difference; should it?
Tiffany is a teenage girl who’s caught in a battle for existence. As Tiffany tries to claim rights to her own life and mind, her abusive mother struggles to maintain control. Pouring her hatred for the world onto her daughter, Tiffany suffers under her mother’s guise of concern as her mother convinces everyone that Tiffany’s wounds are self-inflicted. Fighting to prove she's not mentally unstable and seeking escape from her mother’s tyranny, Tiffany must make the ultimate choice as to who lives and who dies. Is her redemption and vindication worth the price of her soul?


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