Thursday, January 30, 2014

Writing With Emotion

I Let My Feelings Write The Story

When I write, I try to visualize the scene in my mind.  I try to feel what it is like to be in that moment.  
I imagine myself as the character and I try to connect with them emotionally.  I think a character is most real when you can relate to them; when they make you feel the emotions they are experiencing or projecting into the plot.
Our feelings drive us in life and they give credence to our experiences.  They guide us in how we interpret and therefore, perceive the world around us.  If you connect to a book emotionally then it swallows you up in its pages.  It becomes a reality because you live it through feelings.
To me, it' important to give enough detail to the reader to formulate the world or characters you create.  However, I feel it's more important for readers to emotionally connect to the story.
When you are connected then you automatically fill in the blanks and this makes the story more personal.  It allows you to envision the people, places, and things in a more realistic manner.  So I think it is more important to let you have room for your own imagination.
I think it's more about what you feel than what you see.
What do you look for in a book?  What draws you in; what connects you?
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